MOA Summer Tour (8/2-8/8/2024)

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is led by two outstanding teachers who love America: Author, former White House intelligence officer, and top constitution instructor Professor Paul Skousen; and, Author, well-known influencer, and founder of the international broadcasting group, The Sound of Hope, Allen Wei Fang. From Aug. 2nd – 8th, 2024, they and their wives will accompany you and your children on a visit to over a dozen historical locations—from where America’s first settlers landed in Plymouth, to their desperate Revolutionary War to win Independence.

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MOA Summer Tour 美國建國之旅-暑期團 歡迎親子同遊(8/2-8/8/2024)

這次千載難逢的旅程將由兩位熱愛美國的傑出「導遊」親自帶領: 作家、前白宮情報官員、頂尖憲法學者保羅·斯考森教授; 和作家、知名自媒體人、美國常識學者方偉。 8月2日-8日,七天六夜,斯考森教授夫婦和方偉夫婦將陪伴您和您的孩子參觀十多個美國建國的歷史景點及常春藤名校,一同探尋美國立國之根,為您和您的孩子帶來改變人生的體驗!

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美國建國之旅-精華遊 (4/12-4/18/2024)

讓我們穿越時空,在打響獨立戰爭第一槍的萊克星頓,體驗義勇軍的「戰爭之路戰術演習」;參觀承載第一批清教徒的「五月花號」….. ,最後到美國建國之父華盛頓總統居住地-弗農山莊結束。跟隨美國頂尖憲法學者斯考森教授和美國常識學者方偉,踏上歷時六天「美國建國之旅」的精華遊!

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