MOA Summer Tour (8/2-8/8/2024)

Expire date:  June 15th 

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is led by two outstanding teachers who love America:

            Author, former White House intelligence officer, and top constitution instructor    Professor Paul Skousen; and,

            Author, well-known influencer, and founder of the international broadcasting group, The Sound of Hope, Allen Wei Fang.

From Aug. 2nd – 8th, 2024,  they and their wives will accompany you and your children on a visit to over a dozen historical locations—from where America’s first settlers landed in Plymouth, to their desperate Revolutionary War to win Independence.

We will spend seven days and six nights together on this journey, giving you and your children a life-changing experience with the birth of the greatest free nation in the history of the world.

🌟  Learn the beautiful founding story and true history of the founding of the United States;

🌟  Enjoy learning the messages of the great Founders and leaders of early America, men and women who preserved the positive values necessary for peace, prosperity, and true liberty under the Constitution. Such messages are no longer taught in schools, but they are celebrated in this Summer Camp experience.

🌟  Cultivate children’s leadership and communication skills, spirit of teamwork, and personal traits of self-confidence and independent thinking;

🌟  Parents and children learn simultaneously to enhance parent-child relationships and shared values.

Walking in the footsteps of the founding fathers while visiting Ivy League schools and admiring the picturesque landscapes, you and your children will also explore the roots of the founding of this nation.

Our adventure together takes us from the Mayflower ship that carried the first Puritans to Plymouth, to a monument that celebrates the secret formula of American success, to General Washington’s desperate but historic crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Eve in 1775, to the great turning point of the war where hunger and disease and a freezing winter nearly ended the war at winter quarters in Valley Forge, to the fruits of victory in Philadelphia, the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Traveling a thousand miles is worth reading thousands of books! This is an absolutely unique summer camp, truly educational and entertaining, and great value for money!

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

【Miracle of America Summer Tour Literary】:

From the Mayflower ship that carried the first Pilgrims to Plymouth, to the monuments that hide the secret of America’s success; to General Washington’s historic desperate crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Eve, 1775, to The great turning point – the Forge Valley where the Continental Army forged a well-trained army in the hungry and cold winter; then to Fort McHenry, where the American national anthem was born, and Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States, where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were born. Witness the Independence Hall that gave birth to this new nation.

Day 1 – Meet at the hotel (close to Boston Logan Airport) at 6pm, Dinner and Orientation.
Day 2 – Lexington Battle Green – Bunker Hill Monument – USS Constitution Museum and Warship – MIT – Harvard University
Day 3 – Plimoth Patuxet Museums (Mayflower II – Plymouth Rock -Plimoth Grist Mill – 17th-Century English Village – Historic Patuxet Homesite) – National Monument to the Forefathers
Day 4 – Washington Crossing Historic Park – Independence Hall – congress Hall – Liberty Bell
Day 5 – Valley Forge – Fort McHenry
Day 6 – Yorktown Battlefield Park – American Revolution Museum
Day 7 – George Washington’s Mount Vernon – 1:30 End of Tour***  The camp will include various student activities and parent-child activities.


【Fee description 】:  Price: $2,995 per person.


  • Hotels for 6 nights
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • all of tickets
  • Transportation 
  • three seminars by Professor Skousen and Fang Wei

More options:

1) A family of three or more people sharing a room can receive a discount of $110 per person;
2) If one person stays in a single hotel room, he will pay an extra $420;
3) Flushing-Boston bus fee $100 + tip; Washington Dulles Airport IAD bus drop-off (charge $50) Washington-New York Flushing bus fee $100;
4) Please bring cash with you to tip the driver and tour guide, $10 per passenger per day;
5) Early bird discount: Register before June 15, 2024, and receive a $50 cash discount. Discount code MOA08
7) Registration deadline: Bus is full or July 18, 2024

【How to Make Payment】:

1. Pay online:

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3. Zelle :

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Refund Polices】:

  • Full refund before 7/18/2024
  • 50% refund from 7/19/2024 to 7/22/2024
  • No refund after 7/22/2024.

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